Frequently Asked Questions

That’s an easy answer – call us today to find out!  Every price is custom to the roof.  Average of about $5-6 per square foot but can often change based on circumstances.

Usually contractors require a 10%-30% pay down.  This can help cover upfront material cost and labor costs.  The larger the roof, the larger the down payment can be.  The deposit is paid before the project begins.  Once the roof is finished the rest will be owed.

This entirely depends on your plan and your insurance company.  It also depends on the amount of damage.  There usually is a minimal payment the customer will have to pay and the rest is covered with homeowners insurance.  However, it is always a decision that is made after the damage has been assessed.  There are lots of variables that are needed to answer that.  We advise you to reach out to your personal insurance company and to call us to come assess your damage for free.

As stated above, there is usually a deposit upfront to help cover costs so the contractor is not going into debt at the beginning.  This also helps build trust between the contractor and the client. The rest of the money should be paid after the job is completed.

There are several financing options. The FHA 203k Refinance Loan is specifically designed to help pay for repairs on your home.  Even putting the price on a credit card (temporarily) will “buy” you time to pay off the service while giving you what you need repair wise.  There are several grants that would be easy to find via Google and reaching out to local organizations.

We warn you to be weary in these circumstances. Never pay the full price upfront. Deposit about 10-30% of the total project cost and pay the rest at the end. While it is acceptable to pay in cash (even the deposit can be cash) and this is every roofer’s dream, we recommend you do it with caution.  It can work well for everyone because the customer does not get in a financial bind with interest rates and other technical issues and the roofer can get paid immediately.  Just be careful.

There are lots of factors to consider when estimating a roof.  There’s time which creates the labor charge.  Then of course measuring the amount of square footage of the roof with basic length x width math.  This should help determine the amount of material needed.  Some contractors include a deterioration charge for using their equipment. This should be around 3%. It is all dependent on the contractor but you can easily call to get a free quote today!

Architectural roofing shingles are made of a thorough fiberglass mat base and ceramic coated mineral granules that are tightly embedded in carefully refined, water resistant asphalt.  This product is one of the highest quality roofing materials on the market.

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